Top Technology Jobs – List of high demand careers in tech

Market experts predict 2019 – 2026 tech job landscape to growth over 13 percent. Data science, cyber security and software development is expected to dominate across industries. There are eight top technology jobs that that are taking the market by storm.

For in-demand jobs, emerging technologies is likely to be the key catalysts of the job market in the United States and other countries.

Ranging from automation to artificial intelligence, crypto currency to virtual reality, demand for tech jobs exclusively in the engineering, data science, product, sales and marketing is likely to rise to support innovation

Top 8 in-demand tech jobs

AI/machine learning engineer

Introduction and explosion of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies has only led to enhanced demand for qualified professionals.

Organizations have been trying to identify different ways to optimize their practices and businesses as well as to ways to automate to enjoy better lives and to become more functional and productive than before.

Cyber security engineer

One major concern for consumers and companies alike is security. Currently, with emphasis being given more on organizational safety, there has been witnessed an increased demand for security engineer professionals.

Cyber security engineers are considered to be the company’s first line of defense, to safeguard the business related services and products. However, the specific area of focus is likely to be IoT (Internet of Things), as connected devices will become staples in day to day life and scrupulous people trying to exploit them. These products are to be made sure that they are not vulnerable and need to be protected.Top tech jobs

Data scientist

This professional has been regarded to be occupying the number slot of most demanded jobs in the United States for the past 3 years. This year is also no different, especially with every organization possessing the ability to gather data. Hence, they will require well trained employees who can organize and analyze effectively this information.

Full stack developer

Such developers are also in huge demand in the current market. Developers are required on all application stack levels since organizations are trying to move away from front and back end development teams.

Java Developer

Java still has been dominating the enterprise, although there has been witnessed tremendous growth in programming languages like R & Python. Cloud has managed to keep it on top.

Python developer

There has been increased demand for professionals having expertise in Python development, with the rise of machine learning and AI technologies. Python is also stated to be the fastest developing programming language, while enjoying a huge developer community and being easy to learn.

Cloud Engineer

Since 2015, the demand for qualified Cloud computing/cloud engineer has only gone upwards by about 27%. With organizations taking cloud-first approach instead of on-premise infrastructure model when designing or upgrading environments, the demand for technologists having sound cloud experience only has increased manifolds.

BLS top tech jobs list
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

JavaScript developer

It also is popular and is likely to continue this streak this year also. Organizations possessing development teams who are structured between back & front end teams have been hiring technologists. The demand is more for those professionals having sound knowledge of using different JavaScript frameworks and libraries to help deliver compelling user interfaces.

The above are the top 8 sought after technology jobs of 2019.

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