Top five women’s fashion trends for Spring 2019

With the official start of the spring season few weeks back, the top women’s fashion trends are already in full swing. The sunny and warmer days are bringing more color and diversity in the outfits and fashionistas around the world are already flaunting the new spring fashion. Those who are willing to update their wardrobe with some new pieces, here are the top 5 spring fashion trends:

Neon colors

One of the biggest fashion and maybe unexpected trends this season is the domination of the neon colors on clothes. Neons have been out of the picture for at least 10 years, but this spring they are making a comeback. The bright and vibrant colors like pink, orange, yellow and green will freshen up your daily outfits.

Biker shorts

One particular piece that was very popular in the ’90 and has made a huge comeback on the fashion scene is the biker shorts. Stretchy, tight and colorful, these shorts have become a trend ever since Kim Kardashian wore them as part of Yeeze collection.

See-through bags

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The popularity of the PVC cleared bags has started last season, and now they are trending as never before. The fashionable moment comes from putting on display what you wear inside of it. From backpacks to purses, all types of see-through bags are allowed. This season, they will complement your looks and show that you are fashionable and trendy.


Fringes are that type of detail that can go on everything, starting from footwear to swimsuits even. Inspired by the west, this spring fringes have become a big trend appearing on almost every piece of clothing, accessory and footwear. Present on only one piece or all over you they will swing as you move.

Bows all around

Bows are sweet, soft and feminine additions that make the clothes and accessories more fun and interesting. Although some might consider bow as too childish, it is an elegant detail and its beauty has now turned into a trend that promotes it in all sizes. However, this spring, look for pieces that will have huge bows on them. They should dominate and be present as much as possible.

Although the trends change constantly and there is something new each season, they should not be followed blindly. Instead, find a piece that you like and make it part of your own style. Maybe it will become timeless investment!