These Sites Let You Create Your Apps Without Coding

In the past, you had to know different programming languages to develop an app. With the introduction of new technologies and cloud-based software, you do not need to buy a Mac computer to start creating apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The same principle applies to develop android and Amazon apps.Some software let you create an app by dragging and dropping all the functions you need for your app. There are several options to get your app made. You could create it yourself using your programming knowledge; you could use Xcode that requires less programming; you could have somebody else to create the app for you; or you could use software that requires no experience at all. Getting into mobile development is a good idea that could become very profitable for anyone. It does not require huge investments because the key to be successful is by dedicating time and being committed. As of January 2018, Apple payout to developers was $86 BILLIONS U.S. dollars! That payment is from Apple alone and does not include Google Android, Amazon, or any other mobile marketplace. Anyone can create an app. It is easier than never before and there are many ways to do it. These software let you create your apps without programming: – Cloud based software for developing applications for different platforms like iOS, Android, Amazon, and others. –  App management and distribution. It can distribute your app to the 50 top app stores in the world. It provides analytical information of number of app downloads by location and other metrics. – It’s an easy to use mobile application for developers. No coding required. They have a free plan to let you get familiar with the software, before you commit to a monthly paying plan. – It has a reseller plan where you can sell their plans to others. You can also create apps for other companies or your own.

Treeline – Build back-end mobile apps without writing a single line of code. It all happens in your browser. – A layout of libraries of wireframes. If you are building an app, a wireframe helps creating a map for your app. Many app developers will ask you for this if you are contracting one. – It is a visual program for creating apps without coding. You create a web application connected with API then convert it into a mobile app.

Creating Your Own App

Creating your own app is not as complicated as you might think.This portion will only focus on creating an iOS app for Apple. Below is the list of resources and tools that you will need in order to get you started.

  1. You need a Mac computer. If you do not have a Mac computer, you can purchase one, rent, or get one in the cloud for a monthly fee. Here are some Mac in the cloud: MacinCloud.comMacStadiumEpic.iovmOSXXCloud.meXCodeClubMacMiniVault, and
  2. You need Xcode. Luckily, most of the cloud Mac servers already have Xcode installed. If not, you will have to go to the App Store, using your Mac, and download Xcode. It’s free.
  3. Take a course and start developing your app. There are free courses on Udemy, YouTube, and Code Academy:

iOS App Development For Beginners – No Swift Skill Required

Creating iPhone & iPad Apps Training – No Coding Required

Mobile App Development in 27 Minutes: iOS App

Introduction to iOS 11 Development: Swift 4 and Xcode 9

Become an iOS Developer from Scratch

How To Make An App For Beginners (2018) At time of writing this article, the courses above were free. Check the prices again, because they are subject to changes and also check their requirement.

Resources: Graphics and Icons – Large database of free icons. – Big collection of icons and images grouped by categories. – Database of mockups, backgrounds, images, and icons.

Smashing Magazine – Article with list of websites providing free images and icons. – Marketplace with fonts, logo, images, audio, and icons. – Database a free images and illustrations. – Premium patterns for mobile design.

Apply Pixels – UI, wireframes, icons, and more for IOS and Android.

Unsplash – Collection of free images.


IOS Fonts – Collection of fonts for iPhone, iPad, Watch, and TV.

IOS Font List – Downloadable list of IOS fonts.

WIREFRAMES AND PROTOTYPES –  Wireframes and prototypes for web and mobile applications.

InVision – Wireframes and screen design.

FluidUI – Creates web and mobile prototypes. – Minimal wireframing tool.

Blogs to Read

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It’s far easier than you think. No luck or perseverance necessary. 

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