These Side Jobs Will Help You Increase Your Income Today

Technologies opened the gate to new opportunities in different sectors of our economy by increasing the number of side jobs available. We are putting more and more faith in technologies, in order to accomplish our daily tasks that they are becoming part of our daily life.

One way to embrace technologies, it’s by keeping yourself updated with new trends and finding ways to withdraw benefits from them. Here are some technologies that can help you with that car payment, your monthly rent, or just extra income for your monthly expenses.

Deloitte’s 2019 Global Human Capital Trends Report mentions that for many years, people have seen side jobs, gigs, and freelancing as part-time jobs or just temporary opportunities. And that mentality is changing as many companies are outsourcing part of their workforce, in order to cover the lack of local skill workers.

Now many employees are looking forward to more skilled and independent job opportunities

Let’s not start the list of side jobs with the not so obvious companies like Uber. Let’s instead select a group of random companies where you can easily start making money in your community and at your spare time.

Side Jobs Teaching

VIPKID: If you enjoy teaching, you get paid to teach Chinese students online. Flexible hours and good pay rate.

Magic Ears: Teaching online jobs for native English speakers from US and Canada.

QKids: It’s an online teaching portal for kids ages 5-12. You get paid by teaching online English classes. You make money by becoming a tutor. The website offers different subjects to teach at different school or college levels.

Take Lessons: You get paid to teach. You can provide lessons in the areas of science, music, performing arts, and language.

BOXFiSH: You get paid to have discussions and engaging conversations with Chinese students, ages K-12. Interaction happens on a smartphone or tablet. No computer needed.

Side Jobs Driving

Instacart: With Instacart you can start earning money in no time. You can work as a driver by delivering the grocery to customers when they order. You can also make money as a shopper who is the person inside the grocery store getting the order ready for the driver.

Uber: The largest and most popular ride sharing company in the world. You make less for ride, but the demand is higher. It becomes better for drivers during the holidays and late night because the demand is higher and the amount you earn per ride is greater. Uber also has other opportunities to earn money, like Uber Delivery where you can deliver flowers, packages, mail, grocery, etc. Get a $500 bonus!

Lyft: Drivers earn more money with Lyft than other ride sharing companies. Lyft is one of the first implementing tips and giving 100% to the driver. If you sign up and get 200 rides in 60 days, you get $700 bonus.

Opoli: Opoli offers door-to-door rides. Specifically going to the airport, concerts, shuttle service, and group events. It’s a new way to generate extra income. Opoli says that you “earn up to $75,000 annually by utilizing your car or a van you own”.

Curb: This company grew very fast because it is supported by regular taxi drivers or yellow cabs.

InDriver: The rider offer the fare and the driver can accept it or submit a counter offer.

Bolt (Taxify): The platform is spreading rapidly to many countries like Iraq, Dominican Republic, Russia, UK, Australia, Poland, Africa, and many more.

Gett: It’s a popular ride sharing in some major European cities and recently started doing business in United States. New York City is its first US city before expanding to others.

Wingz: This company provides scheduled trips to customers. The fee is a flat rate fee. They are more requirement to become a driver with Wingz, but better chance of making earning more money per trip.

Via: It’s a ride sharing service for regular commuters. You pick up several riders along the way like a vanpool.

cabify:Provides ride service in several countries internationally.

VanGO: A ride sharing platform for teens. To work with this company, you should be female, preferably mother, 3+ years of childcare experience, clean criminal record, good references, and your car must pass their inspection.

Summon: It used to be InstantCab. Riders schedule pick ahead of time and the fare is flat rate. It’s popular to travel from metro areas to airports and major events.

Beat: Currently only available in a few countries, but expanding to new cities soon. Check their career page to find job openings other than driving.

BlaBlaBlaCar: You get paid for long distance carpooling. The service is available many countries, but not yet in the US.

Side Jobs Delivering Food

GrubHub: Restaurant orders delivery. Popular app in metro areas for people requesting meal delivery service. Good opportunity to make a few extra dollars delivering food.

DoorDash: Get paid to deliver restaurant orders to customers. You pick up the order at the restaurant and take it to the customer.

Postmate: Postmate says they deliver everything. You get paid to deliver meals, groceries, or packages.

Uber Eat: Another side job from Uber, it is easier to get into the delivery service than ride sharing service, because of less requirements.

Caviar: They pay instantly with Cash App. You can get paid after every delivery with $5 minimum.

Waitr: Available only in a few cities. Get paid by delivering meals.

Side Jobs Moving and Delivering

ScooBeez: You earn money delivering items to customers. You pick up the item from an Amazon fulfillment center and deliver it to customer. You do not need to use your own vehicle or your own gas. Vehicle and gas is provided for you.

GoShare: If you have a pick up truck, box truck, or a van; you can make money by making deliveries. The job could be moving a full house or just a few small boxes.

Lugg: It’s a moving company where you can use you track to move furniture and boxes. You can make money even without a track. You can signup as a helper.

Dolly: You could use your track or your hands to make money. Dolly also has partnership with major retail stores and restaurants to deliver supplies and equipment on demand.

Amazon Flex: It’s a delivery service from Amazon. You will deliver packages to their final destinations. The packages will come from an Amazon fulfillment center near you, where you will have to pick them up and deliver them to their final destinations.

Zeliver: The company provides same day delivery service to eCommerce and retailer’s customers. You get paid for delivering food and packages to customers.

Shipt: You get paid to deliver and/or purchase grocery.

UShip: You make money by moving goods from point A to point B. You partner with UShip by becoming a carrier.

Roadie: You make money by delivering items or pets during your trip. If you are going somewhere, Roadie will let you know if there are items or pets to pick up along your route. Just pick up those items/pets and deliver them to their destinations. The good thing is, there is not minimum vehicle standard. You can drive anything.

Scooters and Electric Bicycles

Bird: Bird rents electric scooters in some metro areas. Your job is to find some scooters, charge them overnight, and bring them back to a marked spot. You get paid for each Bird you charge.

Lime: You get paid to charge their scooters overnight.

Skip Scooters: You become an overnight charger to make money. The service is only available in select cities in US.

Scoot: It’s a light electric vehicle company from San Francisco, but expanding in other cities in United States and internationally. You get paid to park and charge electric scooters and bikes.

Side Job by Renting Your Extra Car

Turo: It’s a rental company like no other. If you have a spare car that you want to rent. You list it on Turo and they take care of the rest. Depends on the car, you can make amount of money to cover your car payment. Turo provides insurance.

HyreCar: You rent your extra car to other people and you get paid by the day.

Getaround: You rent your car to make extra money. Their technology provides renter with a code to unlock your car, so you don’t have to be present. You get paid by the hour your car gets rented.

Side Jobs Providing Child Care and Senior Assistant You get paid to provide services as a nay, tutor, child and senior cares.

Zum: You get paid to transport children and to provide child care.

urbansitter: You get paid for babysitting. You could work part-time or full-time. You make your own schedule.

Sittercity: You get paid to provide child care service.

Sitter: You set your own rate. You can work for a business or a person.

Side Jobs Doing Pets Sitting or Dog Walking

Rover: You get paid by doing dog walking, home sitting, dog and cat sitting, dog boarding, and drop-in visits.

Wag: Become a dog walker with just basic dog training and commands. If you love dogs and you are fit to walk a dog for several hours, you could be on your way of making additional income walking your neighbor’s dogs.

DogVacay: Get paid for pets sitting.

Apps that Pay

Wonolo: It’s a job platform where job seekers and companies connect. Job seekers and find a single job or multi-task assignments. You can work as delivery driver, fulfillment and warehousing, clerical, teaching, cooking, cleaning, or other. Make sure to use referral code RAFAEL219 to receive $25 bonus on your first assignment. No code, no bonus.

Handy: This app lets you provide your service in different professions like cleaning, handy work, furniture assembly, moving, painting, etc.

TaskRabbit: Get paid to provide services like moving and packing, home improvement, handyman, etc.

Earn Extra Income by Providing Your Professional Service

Notarize: You can easily become a notary public and provide your notary service to anyone over video. This company required that you become a commissioned e-notary public.

NotaryCam: A popular online or app notary service. The link will take you to their application. Make sure you first read their requirements, before applying.

Zeel: You earn money as a professional wellness massage provider. Zeel is almost everywhere. This is an excellent side job that could become your full-time job, as you develop your career with Zeel.

Doctor on Demand: One of the most popular apps for doctor service. Lots of areas to expand opportunities and expand your service.

BetterHelp: Become a counselor in one or more areas like depression, stress, marriage counseling, substance and drugs abuse, autism, anxiety, and many more.

Teledoc: Earn money by providing your service as a physician, dermatologist, or behavioral health professional.

AmWell: Provide your professional service to clients even outside your community. There are many health areas practice available.

Property Rental

Airbnb: Rent your spare room or house to make money. Rent is for short-term for people on vacation. Make sure you know your city laws before renting.

VRBO: Vacation rental. You can money for renting your spare room or your entire house.

Globe: You earn money by renting your living room to professionals and business travelers. They can use your living room to conduct meetings, work on projects, or take a nap.

breather: You make money for renting your living room or home office space for meetings. You get paid by the hour. You can easily purchase a long dining table for cheap and make it available for meeting space. The website has different photos of meeting settings, that could give you an idea of how to set up your meeting space. It is an easy way to earn extra income. Your earn money for renting space in your home. You can rent your garage, basement, attic, a room, etc. It is like a storage facility business. The company Neighbor will take the care of finding customers for you.

Zilok: You make money by renting anything. You set your own price and terms. One thing about this website is the accountability. There is no way to verify the person renting the item and the owner of the item.

FlipKey: List your empty room or vacation rental here and make extra income.

Homeaway: The largest vacation rental portal. HomeAway has over 2 millions properties listed, worldwide.

Lend Me It: Make money by lending the items you own and do not use everyday.

Miscellaneous Side Jobs Opportunities

Amazon Virtual Locations: As you already know, Amazon has offices and warehouses almost everywhere. Amazon Virtual Locations is the main Amazon portal for finding side jobs or work-from-home opportunities. For most jobs, you do need to live in the city where is job opportunity is available.

Appen: This company has different types of opportunities that include rating content on social medial and other work from home jobs. The paid could for task or hourly rate. Certain jobs require to pass an initial access before approval.

Leapforce: It’s a search engine evaluator. There is no cost to join and you get paid as soon as you pass the qualification process.

Lionbridge: You get paid to provide feedback on web pages, images, and other content.

Analysia: You get paid for testing companies websites. Yes, that simple. You get paid to navigate the websites and perform certain functions.

Start Up Lift: You get paid to provide your feedback on new company, product, or service. If you feedback is accepted, you get paid.

NexRep: Work from home jobs such as sales rep, tech support, and health industry.

TTEC: It lets you work from home providing customer and tech support.

Rent A Friend: Yes, it’s that simple. You can get paid to hang out with other people. Some people may need companionship for certain events and are willing to pay the right person to fulfill that task. You can set your own rate based on the occasion, hourly rate, or just a flat rate.

Virtual Job Opportunities

AccountingX: Work from home in the field of accounting. The company is hiring for bookkeepers, accountants, controllers, and financial professionals.

Supporting Strategies: The company provides virtual accounting and bookkeeping service to businesses.

Toptal: Highly vetted virtual opportunities for the top talents in different areas.

Zirtual: Virtual assistant opportunities. Jobs are full-time or part-time.

Fiverr: Make money by providing your service online. If you do not have an expertise, you can easily learn one like helping completing immigration paperwork, taxes, accounting, admin work, coding, designing, etc. If you are successful, you make good amount of money on Fiverr. The market here is very competitive, because of many providers. Since Fiverr is very popular, that creates more job opportunities for you.

Communo: Find gigs in the areas of back-end, front-end, PR manager, social influencer, event planning, finance, business analysis, accounting, executive assistant, and more.

TaskRabbit: You can find as handyman, installer, teacher, furniture assembly, and other services.

FlexJobs: It’s a portal that lists flexible jobs in different industries.

Gigster: Lists jobs in the area of software development, designing, AI, mobile development, etc.

Amazon Mechanical Turk: Amazon Turk is a virtual job platform where employers and employees meet to get projects done.

WeGoLook: Job positions as an insurance inspector, merchandise inspector, property inspector, adjuster, and submitting and validating information.

The Mom Project: Freelancing and digital opportunities for women.

The Second Shift: Online work opportunities for women.

Vehicle Decal and Wrapping

Wrapify: It pays to wrap your vehicle with advertising. You can wrap your whole vehicle or only portion of it.

CarVertise: You earn money by putting advertising on your car.

ReferralCars: You get paid to place a sticker on your car. You could get paid by commission and non-commission.

Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer

You can make money easily by placing links on your social media accounts, blog, or personal website. Make sure you post the correct link to get credit per click or sales.

MaxBounty: You get paid to promote cost-per-action campaigns on your website. Almost all campaign are auto approved and you do not need to send approval request.

ShareASale: Most campaigns are manually approved by their individual merchants.

Commission Junction: One of the older affiliate programs in the market. Its structure had changed a lot since the early 2000’s. Now the program has more requirement for joining and affiliates are manually vetted

Amazon Associates: The largest marketplace in United States gives you the opportunity of selling its products as an affiliate marketer. Amazon has lots of content to promote.


There are many ways to make money and earn a real salary. Add this page to your favorite or save it to your phone’s home screen to follow our updates.

Last updated: August 24, 2019

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