Seven Fastest Growing Careers in the USA

There are many who would like to have an amazing career in a field, but without much competition and also get jobs easily and effortlessly due to rise in demand for such jobs in the market. If you are one of them and would like to work at a place that provides good salary and better opportunity, then the below list can help you.

Top 7 fastest growing careers to check out in the USA

Solar Photovoltaic Installers

This profession enjoys growth rate of 105% by 2026 and the media pay in 2016 was $39,240. The installers are provided with on the job training and generally have high school diploma. They are to take courses at the community college or technical school.

Wind Turbine Technicians

These service technicians do enjoy growth rate of 96% through 2026, with 2016 median pay of $52,260 annually. This outdoor job requires you to work at great heights. Windtechs are in huge demand and are needed to repair, maintain and install wind turbines. They generally attend technical school.

Personal Care Aides, Home Health Aides

The expected growth rate in this sector through 2026 is 39% to 47% with annual median pay in 2016 being $22,000.Such jobs requires helping people suffering from cognitive impairment, chronic illnesses or disabilities with their daily routine and activities.

Physician Assistants

This profession is expected to grow about 37% through 2026 with median annual pay of $101,480 in 2016. But there will be required valid license and a master’s degree to get the job. You will be expected to work along with surgeons, physicians and healthcare workers diagnosing, examining and treating patients.

Nurse practitioners

The growth rate for this profession is 36% through 2026 and its 2016 median pay is $100,910. The advanced practice registered nurses are required to coordinate patient care as well as provide specialty and primary healthcare, depending upon the state where they are employed. They do require valid license to practice and more education like the master’s degree when compared to the typical RN.

Statisticians & Mathematicians

This profession enjoys a growth rate of around 30% to 34% through 2026, with 2016 median annual pay being $80,500 for statisticians to $105,810 for mathematicians. The job involves analyzing data and application of statistical and mathematical techniques to solve problems faced in the real world of business, healthcare, engineering and in other fields. This profession does require you to hold advanced degrees.

Physical Therapist Aides, Physical Therapist Assistants

The growth rate is about 29% for aides and 31% for assistants and the median scale of pay is $25,680 for aides and $56,610 for assistants. PTAs (Physical therapist assistants) and physical therapist aides are required to work under the supervision and direction of physical therapists. Their job involves helping patients to recover from their illnesses and injuries, to manage pain and regain better movement. An associate degree can help the assistants to get higher pay package, while aides will require high school diploma & are provided with on the job training.

The above are the 7 top growing careers in the USA.