Remote Access – Access to Your Computer and Content from Anywhere

Having remote access to your files is very important. It can help you when you are away from your desk and if you provide IT service, consulting, or any other type of support to your customers.

Some programs name might include the word “PC”, but they also work on Mac computers, smartphone, and tablets. Make sure you check their plans and features to see if they meet your requirements.

  • GoToMyPC – One of the pioneer in early remote access. It has many features to protect the file transfer and also support more than one screen at a time.
  • Splashtop – Easy access to your computer from other computers, smartphone or tablet.
  • ConnectWise – Totally for business. It provides more than just remote access to PC. It is IT service with cloud computing, automation services, and more.
  • TeamViewer – Excellent features like group access, branding and meeting with recording. Free for non-commercial use.
  • LogMeIn – Easy to use remote access.
  • AeroAdmin – It provides free limited access for individuals and small business. Pro version is more affordable than other remote access software.
  • AnyDesk – It is a free remote desktop access. Also has more advance features based on pricing.
  • UltraVNC – Free remote access.
  • Remote Utilities – Remote desktop access for IT professionals.
  • RemotePC – Free and paid plans. Very affordable.

File Access and Backup

  •  Google Drive – Excellent automatic backup service that connect with other Google services like Gmail, Docs, and Photos. If the email attachment is too large, Google will prompt you to upload the file to the Drive and send a link instead. 15GB free.
  • Microsoft OneDrive – Automatic backup service. Back up files and photos from your computer and phone. It connects Microsoft Office. 5GB free.
  • Carbonite – Backup and recovery software. Starting at $6 a month.
  • iDrive – Cloud storage backup that can backup all devices. Plans starting at $5.95 a month. 5GB free.
  • iCloud – Backup your Apple devices. You can back up photos, files and settings into the iCloud. Plans starting at $0.99. 5GB free.
  • BackBlaze – Cloud backup with different solutions for computer and server backup. Personal and business plans starting $5 a month.
  • Dropbox – It’s not only a backup software; it’s also a tool for collaborating with your team. Pans starting at $10 a month. 2GB free.
  • Sync – Back up and share your files across multiple platforms. Pans starting at $8 a month. 5GB free.
  • Amazon AWS – Powerful cloud storage and computer servers. IT knowledge is required to setup the features and functionalities that you need.

Did I miss any remote access program? Please let us know below. Also post your comments and questions. Rafael AG Jr.