Rafael AG Jr.


Rafael AG Jr. is a prolific Entrepreneur and Finance & Business Director whose unparalleled reliability, ambition, dedication have all earned him the reputation as a seasoned leader across Orange County, California.

Over the course of a decade, he has garnered extensive finance and accounting industry experience. In addition to finance and accounting, he is well-versed in management, financial analysis, budget development & management, cash flow forecasting, taxes, payroll, financial modeling, P&L analysis, project management, and various other specialty areas.

An entrepreneurial spirit with an unshakable drive for as long as he can remember, Rafael now spearheads three different lucrative business ventures. Currently, he proudly serves as the Owner of Viajway Luggage and the President of Monte Cristi Capital Group.

He is also the Finance & Business Director for a non-profit organization in the USA, where he strategically develops top-tier financial strategies and closely analyzes present reports and forthcoming financial activities. Prior to that, he was the President of the Toastmasters Club in Buena Park from 2010 to 2014.

Furthermore, Rafael holds a B.S. degree in Financial Management and an M.S. degree in Corporate & International Finance from National University.

When he isn’t immersed in his multifaceted career, you can find Rafael traveling across the globe, relaxing at the beach, or hiking in the great outdoors. He also enjoys attending baseball games and live music events. Above all, he is an avid reader and lifelong learner.

If you are interested in his services or would like to network with him, feel free to reach out to Rafael AG Jr. directly on this website.

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