List of Top Wholesalers and Manufacturers Directory – Buy Cheap and Make a Big Profit

699 is a global directory based in China. It connects suppliers and agents with its large online marketplace.

Alibaba is a marketplace with manufacturing companies from countries like United States, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Russia, etc; but most suppliers are from mainland China. A good idea is to look for manufacturers with factories inland than closer to the coast. Rent and production is cheaper in the countryside than larger cities or cities closer to the coast.

Top Wholesalers and Manufacturers Directory

Not everything from China is cheaper. For example, a canva tote quote from a manufacturer in China was selling for $3 unit FOB, but in USA the same item was only $2.5. Before buying from other country, search your local wholesalers because, they might have better price. 

When calculating the costs per unit, add the shipping cost, custom fees, bond, and ground transportation. 

Here is the top wholesalers and manufacturers directory list:


We provided a big list of top wholesalers and manufacturers directory to you because, some wholesalers only focus in certain countries, quantity, or niche.

Dropshipping Suppliers USA

Dropshipping Suppliers in USA
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United States is a huge market to sell your products and services. While you get cheaper products from China, many buyers are not willing to wait weeks for their purchases to arrive.

The benefits of finding dropshipping suppliers in USA include providing products that meets the country safety requirements, fast shipping, and better quality.

Following is a list of dropshipping suppliers in USA. Some companies provide directory service while others are direct dropshippers.

Sammy Dress – A popular US dropshipper that carries clothing items for women and men. Not only dress, Sammy Dresses also has jewelry, watches, bags, dresses, jeans, shoes, cosmetics, hair, and some kids products. You can create a niche store or a general dropshipping store.

Green Supply – Located in Vandalia, MO, this US dropshipping company provides hunting equipment, outdoor, camping, fishing, and sporting goods.

Kole Imports – A general merchandise company that dropships items in many categories like kids clothing, personal care, office supplies, pets supplies, kitchen, jewelry, travel accessories, sporting goods, home and garden, pets costumes, people costumes, and more.

Nordstrom – If you love selling high ticket items, this is an opportunity to curate Nordstrom’s store. Nordstrom is a popular store in United States. You find their stores on high-end malls, across the country.

Dropship Town – Dropshipping supplier located in USA. Formerly known as Novatech Wholesale, Dropship Town has over $100 million of inventory that you can add to your website by using their automation tools.

Olympia Sports – Dropships provides in the area of sports, safety, and science.

Pet Stores USA – Provider of pets supplies. They carries products for dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, horses, birds, and others.

PleaserUSA – Provides unique shoes for shows, movies, retro, fetish, and more.

Dropshipping Tools

Dsco – It is a platform to connect dropshipping websites with merchant inventory. It is use by highly reputable merchants like Nordstrom.

eMentorTools – Niche ideas generator.

KeySearch – Tool for searching niche titles and ideas.