Get Money to Fly – These Companies Pay for Your Flight

Yes, anyone can get money to fly. As you may know, companies are becoming more competitive. Companies are always looking for ways to innovate.

Since the introduction of ride sharing; the gig economy expanded in other areas. Making extra money is becoming easier than ever before.

In our article “These Side Jobs Will Help You Increase Your Income Today“, we provide a list of resources to earn extra income.

Get Money to Fly

Believe it or not, you can easily earn $175 for transporting an item. Shoppers will pay top dollars to get their items shipped as soon as possible. The task might include shopping for the item and bringing it in your flight.

Check every company and see what they have to offer. Make sure you read the company terms and conditions before accepting your first assignment.

  • Grabr: Find offers on their website. You purchase the item and deliver it to the customer.
  • HitchIt: Available everywhere, it connects travelers with customers that want to send packages.
  • Zaagel: As soon as you enter this website, you will find a list of products with delivery fees and destination.
  • PiggyBee: You can post your travel itinerary ahead of time, in order to get delivery orders.
  • Airmule: Airmule pays you up to $500 per flight. You pick up the item at your departure airport and drop it off at your arrival airport. This company is different from others because of some companies make sure to purchase the item with your own money then get reimbursed after the item it is delivered.
  • Parcl: You submit delivery offers to customers. If they accept, you get paid upfront to deliver the item.
  • onPony: To get paid with this company, you find delivery request or you can create a trip hoping a customer find your trip and request a delivery of an item. You get money to fly from one destination to another.

There are more shipping services based on country or region. This is an easy way to make a few more dollars while flying.

It is an easy way to get money to fly while on vacation, business, or visiting family.