Top 3 Killer Apps to Get Cheap Flights to Anywhere

In this short guide, you will learn the secrets to get cheap flights to anywhere. While travel agencies are convenient, they not always provide the best deals.

Travel agencies are convenient when the customer do not have credit or debit cards and want to pay cash. Or the customer do not know how to book a flight.

In order to find a good flight deal, it requires more than just a simple search. New apps and websites are available to make our search easier.


One of my favorites flight engine is Momondo because with Momondo, we can compare flights from other websites.

Momondo provides easy way to get cheap flights to anywhere you are flying to. It could save you hundreds of dollars on each ticket.

Momondo cheap flights to anywhere

Momondo flights search has amazing features. Users can include in their search to add or remove days from their departure and return dates.

The website and mobile app, display bars with the best prices. Some travel gurus mentioned that the cheapest days to travel are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. That’s not always the case. Super cheap flights can be found any day.

Searching cheap flights to anywhere on Momondo
Momondo Flights display

Click the following link to visit

Google Flights

Google added new features to its flights search engine. The page is easy to use. Google shows prices of the flights in a calendar format.

As soon as the user visits Google Flights page, the page provides suggestions of popular destinations and their route trip cost.

Google displays of cheap flights to anywhere
Google Flights

Click the following link to visit Google Flights

Use these Tools and Never Miss Flight Flash Deal Again! Another Way to Get Cheap Flights to Anywhere

It is very annoying when you read online about an amazing flight deal, to only found out the deal already passed.

There are tools that you can use to get cheap flights to anywhere. It’s not only about searching and spending hours online. You can be one of the first to one, when airlines like JetBlue post flash deals on Twitter.

The secret I will show you, it can be applied to any other airline. To get JetBlue flash deals as soon the deal is posted, please follow these simple steps:

  • Register and login at
  • Make a Zap
  • Twitter
  • User Tweet
  • Save + Continue
  • Connect your Twitter account
  • Save + Continue
  • Setup Twitter Tweet and enter username: @jetbluecheeps
  • Continue
  • Pick A Sample To Set Up Your Zap
  • Continue
  • Add Acton Step
  • SMS
  • Enter phone number
  • Continue