7 Job Websites to Help You Find Your Next Job

If you are looking for a job and not sure where to start, we have some good recommendation and guidance for you.

What are the best job websites?

It depends on the type of job that you are looking for. Some job websites are for specific profession. For example, Dice.com is a job website related to technology jobs only.

The best job websites include: Indeed, Craigslist, LinkedIn, USAJobs, and Glassdoor. Indeed.com is best best choice because it has a large database of jobs posted on their website. They crawl the internet to find job opportunities on companies websites.

How do I find new job opportunities?

To find new job opportunities shouldn’t be hard. When applying for new jobs, make sure if you handy historical records like address history, salary history, contact information of past supervisors, professional referrals, and personal referrals.

Notice that some states had made it illegal to consider or ask for salary history to job applicants. The reason is based that some companies had use that excuse to pay some people less, instead of paying what the job position rate.


The first website you must visit is LinkedIn because you can create an awesome historical resume and where you can showcase your talent.

Linkedin job site
LinkedIn job site

Before applying for a job, make sure you already setup your profile and resume at LinkedIn.

LinkedIN Jobs website: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs


USAJobs is an awesome website for finding government jobs not only in the United States, but almost everywhere.


You can find from your favorite government organization such as Department of Veterans Affairs, State Department, Department of Education, Central Intelligent Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, FEMA, Department of Justice, and many more.

Many of these agencies have job opportunities outside the United States. For example, if you’d like to live in Beijing, China, search your agency and type the city name in the second search box for location.

United States’ embassies and consulates are usually hiring. Go to USAJobs website and search for the State Department jobs available.

USAJobs website: https://www.usajobs.gov


Indeed is one of the most popular job seeking website. It is easy to use and it has a has interface. One can quickly find relevant jobs. The website makes it easy to apply for most job opportunities.

Indeed jobs

When using Indeed.com, create a profile and add your resume. Once you add your resume, it will be easy to apply for jobs posted on this website.

Indeed website: https://indeed.com


Craigslist is an important classifieds and job posting platform. The website is very popular not only in the United States, but in many other countries too.

Craigslist Jobs
Craigslist Jobs

Applying for jobs at Craigslist is simple, just copy the email and send your resume. Some positions also accept fax applications or in person.

Craigslist jobs site: https://www.craigslist.org


At Glassdoor you finds important information about any company. Read about the managers, salaries, and work environment before applying for the job.

Glassdoor jobs
Glassdoor jobs

Glassdoor is an amazing job engine for professional looking for their next career move. You can also find some government jobs from agencies like the C.I.A.

Glassdoor website: https://www.glassdoor.com


Careerbuilder is one of the oldest job portals. Together with Monster.com they became the innovators in job posting, around 1999 and early 2000’s.

Careerbuilder Jobs
Careerbuilder Jobs

Careerbuilder is not as popular as it used to be. The reason is that many other job websites brought new innovating ideas and the market started using those new websites and applications.

Careerbuilder website: https://www.careerbuilder.com


SimplyHired has a nice bottom menu where you can just click the location and the website will display all available jobs for that particular city.

This job board has an easy to navigate interface. It displays relevant job opportunities by job title, company name, or skills.

SimplyHired website: https://www.simplyhired.com